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Ad Deum per sapientiam—
To God through wisdom

Faculty & Staff
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Name: Mr. Matthew Sturgis 1971
Title: Headmaster
Education: College of the Holy Cross-B.A.
Anna Maria College-M.A.
Worcester State University-M.Ed.

Name: Mrs. Denise Allain
Title: Principal
Education: Westfield State College-B.A.
Worcester State College-M.Ed.
Worcester State College- C.A.E.S

Name: Mr. William Driscoll
Title: Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
Education: Assumption College-B.A.
Assumption College- M.A.
Boston College-M.Ed.

Name: Mrs. Julie Kreuz 1997
Title: Director of Admissions and Advancement
Education: St. Anselm College-BA

Name: Mr. Robert Betters
Title: Director of Guidance
Education: North Adams State College- B.A.
Anna Maria College- M.A.

Name: Mrs. Kelli Reyngoudt
Title: College Counselor
Education: Bates College- B.A.
Boston University-M.Ed.

Name: Mr. Marcus Watson
Title: International Student Director
Education: Fitchburg State College-B.S.
Fitchburg State University-M.A. in progress

Name: Mr. Pete Jones
Title: Athletic Director
Education: Eastern Connecticut State University- B.A.

Faculty (in Alphabetical Order)
Name: Mrs. Carole Amidon 1980
Department: Mathematics
Education: Worcester State University- B.S.
Worcester State University- M.Ed.

Name: Mrs. Kayla Barbosa
Department: English
Education: University of Massachusetts- Amherst- B.A.
Worcester State University- M.A. in progress

Name: Mrs. Lucinda Benoit
Department: Science Chairperson & Project Lead the Way
Education: Worcester State University- B.S.
Anna Maria College- M.A.
Fitchburg State University- C.A.G.S.

Name: Ms. Michelle Cormier 2006
Department: Spanish
Education: St. Michael’s College- B.A.
Worcester State University- MEd in progress

Name: Mrs. Patrice Cronin
Department: English Chairperson
Education: Assumption College- B.A.
Worcester State University- M.Ed.

Name: Mrs. Mary Dewey
Department: Fine Arts Chairperson
Education: Emmanuel College- B.A.
Lesley University- M.A.

Name: Ms. Sarah Dzerkacz
Department: Theology
Education: University of Lowell- B.S.
Franciscan University, Steubenville- M.A.

Name: Mrs. Mary Ellen Elkinson
Department: Mathematics Chairperson
Education: Bridgewater State College-B.S
Fitchburg State College-M.Ed

Name: Ms. Sarah Epstein
Department: Science
Education: Worcester Polytechnic Institute- B.S.
University of Notre Dame- M.S.

Name: Mr. Raymond Kabunga
Department: Theology
Education: Pontifical Urban University-B.A.
Boston College-M.Ed

Name: Ms. Meg Lemire 2006
Department: Spanish
Education: St. Anselm College- B.A.

Name: Mrs. Cheryl Le Pain
Department: Social Studies Chairperson
Education: University of Massachusetts, Amherst- B.A.
Johns Hopkins University- M.L.A.

Name: Dr. Arthur Lerit
Department: Science
Education: Queens College- B.S.
University of Rochester- M.S.
City University of New York- Ph.D.

Name: Mr. Paul Macek
Department: Social Studies
Education: Worcester State College – B.A.
Worcester State College- M.Ed.

Name: Ms. Tracy Marshall 2008
Department: Mathematics
Education: Emmanuel College- B.A.

Name: Mr. Clifford Muldoon
Department: Theology
Education: Assumption College- B.A.
University of Louvain- M.A.
Assumption College- M.A.

Name: Mr. John Pace
Department: Mathematics and Project Lead the Way
Education: Worcester State University- B.S.
Fitchburg State University- M.Ed.

Name: Mrs. Rita Somi
Department: Science
Education: American University of Beruit- B.S.
Worcester State University- M.S.

Name: Mrs. Anne Sweeney
Department: Theology
Education: Our Lady of the Elms College- B.A.
Worcester State University- M.Ed.

Name: Mrs. Justine Thanas
Department: Social Studies/English
Education: Anna Maria College- B.A.
Worcester State University in progress

Name: Mrs. Beth Tobin
Department: Theology Chairperson/Campus Minister
Education: Notre Dame College, Ohio- B.A.
Assumption College- M.Ed.

Name: Mrs. Carmen Ubarri
Department: Spanish
Education: University of Puerto Rico- B.B.A.
Troy State University- M.P.A
Worcester State University- M.Ed. in progress

Name: Mrs. Dawn Van Riper
Title: Technology Department Chairperson and Virtual High School Coordinator
Education: Worcester State University B.S.
NOVA Southeastern University- M.S.

Name: Mrs. Jennifer Vear
Department: Mathematics and Project Lead the Way
Education: Salve Regina-B.A.
Walden University- M.S.

Name: Mr. Stephen Wagner
Department: Social Studies
Education: Quinsigamond Community College- A.S
Anna Maria College- B.S.
Anna Maria College- M.S.

Name: Ms. Susan Wessling
Department: English/ESL
Education: Clark University, B.A.

Name: Mrs. Sheila Walsh
Title: Admissions Officer/Registrar

Name: Mrs. Jodi Brenner
Title: Administrative Assistant

Name: Mr. Donnie Harris
Title: Maintenance

Name: Mr. Dan Millett
Title: Director of Maintenance

Name: Mrs. Mary Andrysick
Title: Director of Library Services
Education: Boston College- B.A.